It ain't about how hard you hit



i just need to know who’s fault it was and why the blonde woman cried in the end, that’s all

Well basically it was the blonde and brunette one with the scar I think. She used to be a dancer with the brunette girl who used to be a musical actress too , but the brunette one got into a car accident with the blonde in which the blonde one got injured in her leg (you can see in her walking) so she had to stop dancing/her career and stuff and so the brunette felt bad and she at least wanted Flo (the rocky cover) to become famous becuz the blonde on was in love with him and supporting him so much. so she helped both of them to get him to perform on this one show where there were casting agents looking for a cast in a new musical. And the blonde one cried in the end cuz then Flo played Rocky in that show cuz Drew and the other cover were still injured.

Maybe I got little details wrong, even though I am german but it was so much input :D So maybe I have to rewatch, but thats basically how i understood it.

Hope thats helps though :)

How perfect was this episode?

Drew was great and also Dominik, and the rest of the cast who sometimes walked through the picture.

This episode was for theater lovers, I bet non-theater-lovers didn’t really get anything with all the names and covers and blah :D

Making of BonPrix shooting.

They’re so beautiful together <3

Still from Notruf Hafenkante. Airs tomorrow.

Still from Notruf Hafenkante. Airs tomorrow.